6 Crucial’s

  1. Website SPEED – if your website loads longer than 2-3 seconds – people will click away from it (website speed it’s not negotiable!)
  2. TRUST => SSL/TSL (this it’s not negotiable!)
  3. SEO optimized (your website is indicative of the right web category-niche / use right keywords + synonyms / non-profit vs business vs. niche etc.)
  4. (MARKET) MATCH => Ad targeting (right avatar – SEM-search engine marketing/PPC-pay per click – paid advertising – campaigns
  5. UX (user interace) – don’t make me think! – very intuitive (non confusing layouts – clear at a glance with 2-3 options that lead to specific landing pages)
  6. Legal Pages & Disclaimers – – the unavoidable “boring stuff”

Without these 6 points there is no good website and there will be lot of problems getting other things right. These are the fundamentals that need to be in place so you can build on it.

Get the more detailed cheat-sheet here.

Illustration of point number 1: